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Sundays at the Christopher Street Pier. Enjoying my own company and the peace and quiet.

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Recently, I created accounts on a couple online dating sites as a way to meet some new people. I realized I tend to place all of my eggs in one basket which never turns out good in the end for me. So I created an account with Tinder which was on Friday evening and I have been addicted ever since!!!! I’ve met some amazing people, but there was one in particular that really caught my eye. But here’s the thing about Tinder, if you see someone that catches your eye, you swipe the screen to the right. If you see someone who doesn’t interest you, you swipe the screen to the left. HOWEVER, if you make a mistake and swipe left, but you actually like the person, it’s too bad, they’re gone forever! *inserts tear* 

If you happen to like someone and they like you as well you’ll be matched and you will gain access to message them and chat or exchange numbers or set up dates….whatever you want to do. SO back to my story, I met this amazing guy via Tinder, we had the best conversations ever and he was soooooo funny (often wondered if I was being catfished), but then in an attempt to unmatch myself with someone else, I made a mistake and unmatched myself from him and all is lost!!! *inserts tear again* 

So I was thinking of putting my journalistic skills to use and search for him, but how desperate would that look?! Anywho, to the creator of Tinder, can we get an undo button please for future references?! 

But on the upside, there is a certain confidence that comes with meeting people online. I find myself in a happier mood and often catch myself smiling and laughing at the many difference conversations that I have. I think that’s the beauty in individualism. We have so many different and vivid personalities that when you just click with someone it’s a great feeling. 

But I would like to find Mr. French-Tunisian again….

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Instagram SinghStreetStyle


Instagram SinghStreetStyle

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Zoom Bout to go get in some trouble with naketacheri my partner in crime. Lol

Bout to go get in some trouble with naketacheri my partner in crime. Lol

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Hi, my name is Deja L. Jones. The L stands for Lamont, except I like to keep it silent. I just like L and that’s all. 

Lamont was my father’s name. Lamont McKoy. He passed before I was born, so I never got to meet him, but everyone in my family tells me that I have his personality, so naturally that meant that he was awesome! 

What makes him even more extraordinary was he was is a Sagittarius, like me! What also makes him extraordinary is that he was born missing an arm…his left one, and I happen to be left handed. 

Sometimes I think that because I never met him, I was destined to be a dreamer, a wonderer and a wanderer. I’m always wondering what life would have been like with him here and if I got to meet him. Would I be a daddy’s girl? 

Just a few facts about me. Most people always inquire about the L in Deja L. Jones. So there’s the story behind that. 

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Black Intelligence is one of the most highly feared things in the world.
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Zoom I was in a peaceful mood yesterday and got inspired.

I was in a peaceful mood yesterday and got inspired.

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Hello Tumblr! My Black feminist blog One Black Girl. Many Words turned 6 months old today!

I’m SO thankful for all of the support I’ve received so far! I’ve seen my writing shared on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites and it’s so exciting because writing has always been my first passion! 

You can continue to support by:

1) Sharing this with your friends, 2) Visiting the blog and leaving comments, and 3) subscribing by email!

 You can check out the site for yourself or start with one of my favorite pieces:

Thank you!!!

- Danielle 

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